23 Ways to Practice Self Love

In today’s society, giving of ourselves is a constant. We constantly give to our jobs, our social media feeds, our partners and our children. With so much giving it’s hard to have a something left over for yourself. Taking care of yourself is really important and I can’t stress enough how many other areas of your life will improve once you start taking care and loving yourself.

If you don’t love yourself then who will? Love starts within and in order to give out the best love we need to put in the best love for ourselves.

I’m pretty sure you have heard a million times that you can’t pour from an empty cup and it couldn’t be more spot on. Constantly giving is draining and can eventually lead you to burnout or lash out.

Loving yourself doesn’t have to be an all day affair or event, just taking 15 minutes here or there to remind yourself that you love yourself can usually do the trick.

While I do make suggestions in the list below, remember that you know yourself best and you know what you do and don’t like. Not everything is going to work for you and that is okay. Just because one person likes it doesn’t mean that you have to enjoy it or like it as well.

This list is meant to inspire some things within yourself that you can do to show yourself some love. I have a list of things that I like to do for myself and whenever I’m feeling a little cranky or down I do one of the things on my list. It doesn’t always perk me up right away but it gets me going in the right direction.

Before practicing self love, I always felt like I was abandoning myself. I used to last out at the people closet to me because I was giving them more than I gave myself. Once I realized that self love was what I was missing I found ways that I could incorporate a little everyday. Over time I just became more comfortable and happier with myself.

Practicing self love didn’t negatively affect any of my relationships with those around me. To my surprise the world could still function for 30 minutes without me. I was very open about how I was feeling once I started practicing self love and those around me not only understood but they supported me as well.

Self love will follow you throughout your life and just after a few days, you will feel the results of taking a little time for yourself. A few days after I started I already noticed a difference in how I felt and interacted with others around me.

If you are to self love then try some of the ideas I lay out below and see if it helps. If anything, see what it feels like to appreciate and care for yourself. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Here are 23 ways you can practice self love:

  1. Give yourself a day off. 
  2. Buy yourself something you always wanted. 
  3. Read.
  4. Take a long shower.
  5. Cook yourself a special meal(or dessert.)
  6. Go on a date with yourself.
  7. Turn your phone off for a few hours.
  8. Go on a long walk or hike. 
  9. Visit the spa or salon. 
  10. Buy a new outfit or pair of shoes. 
  11. Take a much needed nap.
  12. Organize a part of your house. 
  13. Volunteer.
  14. Write a love letter to yourself. 
  15. Watch your favorite movie or show.
  16. Clean out your closet.
  17. Take a day trip.
  18. Cry it out. 
  19. Buy groceries you actually want to eat. 
  20. Create or make something. 
  21. Do some deep stretching or yoga. 
  22. Get ice cream. 
  23. Turn on your favorite music and party. 


This list could go on and on with a million different things that you can do to practice self love. I hope this list inspired you to think about some of the things that you can do to show yourself some much needed dedication.

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If you have any other activities or tips you want to share with us then please leave a comment below. Thanks!

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