9 Things To Do When You Are A First Time Gardener

Gardening is an art. To be able to grow and maintain and take care of living things is no small feat. There are many reasons why people start gardening, you could be starting a garden because:

  • you want to grow your own food
  • its relaxing
  • you like flowers and plants
  • a million other reasons

Regardless of the reasons that you decide to tap into your green thumb desires, I put this guyed together to help you if you are just starting out.

Becoming a successful gardener isn’t as simple as putting seeds in soil and forgetting about it(even though sometimes it really is.) Gardening requires some knowledge and thought. If you are planning on becoming a gardener think about what your goals are as a gardener. Knowing what you want out of gardening is a good place to start so you can plan your space.

Do some research on what you want to plant. Plants have personalities and they are sometimes just as temperamental as people are depending on what plant you get. Ask yourself if you want to have a garden? A small windowsill full of herbs? A walkway of flowers? Knowing these things can help you figure out which direction you need to go.

The list I created below is a set of things you should look into prior to starting your garden. I am in by no means a professional gardener but these tips have helped myself and others become more successful gardeners.

  1. Know your soil. Not all plants are able to grow in the same places. If the plant that you want to grow won’t work in the soil in your backyard look into getting a potter and putting the soil needed in there.
  2. Work your way up to harder plants. Some plants require more TLC than others and when you are first starting out, you need to find something easy(like sunflowers) to boost your confidence and get your feet wet.
  3. Water your plants properly. With most pants. watering is something that is different for every one of them. The last thing you want to do is over or under water your plant.
  4. Monitor the sun your plants get. Not all plants need hours of sunlight everyday. Make sure you follow the plants directions and give and take sun when needed.
  5. Don’t skimp on gardening products. If you are growing plants that you plan on eating someday look into organic soil and products. There are a ton of resources on making natural pesticides and fertilizers so use them to your advantage.
  6. Trim and prune your plants regularly. Removing dead and/or damaged parts of your plant allow for more air circulation. They also don’t soak up the water that the main plant needs.
  7. Be patient. Gardening takes time. If there is one big thing to take away from this list, then it is being patient.
  8. Give your plants space. Plants need wiggle room to grow properly so don’t stack or squeeze a lot of plants together in your yard or pot.
  9. Document your gardening journey. By taking notes and pictures of your successes and failures, you will soon have a reference that you refer to over and over. Trial and error are your best friends and having a journal showing your progress will be fun to look back on.

I hope that some of these tips help you with your beginner garden. Knowing some of these things beforehand would have saved a lot of plants in my household.

If you have any gardening tips you would like to share or any pictures of your garden, please leave a comment below. Thanks!

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