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6 Planners To Help Organize Your Life in 2018

Welcome to the new year!! Along with all of the food and celebrations, resolutions and change are right around the corner. With a new year comes new opportunities and new beginnings.

One of the most common New Years resolutions is to become more organized and to be more productive. Who doesn’t want to get more things done? But sadly most resolutions are abandoned within the first few weeks of the new year. Change takes time to become routine and without proper dedication and preparation, its very easy to go back to old habits and ways. If being more productive or organized is on top of your 2018 “to-do” list, then I did some looking around to find some of the best planners that can help you organize your life in 2018.

Last year, I decided that I wanted a way to track what I was doing so I can see my progress over time. I started using a planner daily in August of last year and with a few hiccups, developed a system that I still use today. If it weren’t for my planner, I would honestly be a nervous wreck. I would forget things I needed to get done, I would miss appointments, and I would forget what I have already finished. A planner has honestly been one of my biggest game-changers in both my personal & professional life and I don’t know how I would function without one now.

When it comes to shopping for a planner, a lot can go into it. Since it is something you plan on using everyday for a year, it needs to be something that you don’t mind looking at and writing in. There are a million and one planners in the universe so it can easily become overwhelming and stressful when picking out the one that is best for you.

The planners I chose below are not only ones that I would personally use, but ones that I think would be valuable to you as well. I tried to look for different formats as I know one planner won’t suit every individual. If you are new to using a planner, its okay to mess up and forget to use it. Im not busy everyday and there are instances and days where I have nothing to put into my planner. I just pick it up the next day when something does come up and life goes on.

Here are 6 planners that will help you organize your life in 2018:

  1. Freedom Planner 2018. This planner focuses on 3 areas of your life: 1)time management 2) goal setting and 3) accountability. It includes daily, weekly, and hourly time slots to help you plan and it also includes a gratitude journal, inspirational quotes and stickers. 
  2. The BIG Happy Planner 2018. This cute planner has disc bound pages that are easily customizable to ones preference. It also comes with a lot of add ons, folder slots and lots of empty space to plan or journal in. 
  3. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Poketo Planner. This planner cover is stunning with its specks of foil and color. This planner is open dated so you can start when it suits you. It also has space to include monthly and weekly goals as well. Daily Weekly Monthly Planner in TerrazzoDaily Weekly Monthly Planner in Terrazzo
  4. Kikki K 2018 A6 Weekly Diary: Sweet. This planner comes with perforated lists and pages so you can remove them without destroying the spine of the planner. It also comes with a protective jacket to make traveling with it a lot safer and has pages just for tracking movies, wishlists, websites, books, and restaurants. 
  5. Mochithings Pastel Brilliant Weekly Planner. This dateless planner allows you to customize your use and planner setup. It comes in a variety of colors including; gray sky, honey yellow and ivory. The planner also includes space to journal as well. 
  6. 2018 Get To Work Planner. This planner doubles as both a daily planner and a goal setting planner. It comes with a lot of empty space designated for “brainstorming.” It also is very sturdy at 1.87 lb and is made with 100% recycled paper.  Image of 2018 GET TO WORK BOOKImage of 2018 GET TO WORK BOOKImage of 2018 GET TO WORK BOOKImage of 2018 GET TO WORK BOOK


Here is my list of planners that I recommend using in 2018 to help you organize your life. Here are some other articles that you help you achieve some other personal goals as well:

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If you have any other planners you would like to recommend or any tips on getting more organized, please leave a comment below. Thanks! 


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