21 Biggest Festivals Held Around The World

Who says that partying is reserved for only people who live in one place?

Festivals are held year round around the globe and no matter who you are or where you live, you can be sure to find something near you. The great thing about festivals is that they are fun and you can interact with loads of like minded people who share the same values as you.

If you are new to festivals or are traveling and want to catch some of the local happenings where you are going, always check to see if there are any festivals nearby. Most festivals are usually free unless you want to purchase food or beverages so they are wallet friendly as well. While not all festivals are family friendly, there are some festivals that are kid exclusive so just make sure that you double check ahead of time.

If you are a seasoned festival goer then you might already be familiar with some of the festivals below. If you are new to festivals or want to get your feet wet, then keep reading to see some of the biggest festivals that you can find around the world:

  1. Sundance Film Festival/Park City, Utah January 19-29  (photo)Image result for sundance film festival
  2. Mardi Gras/New Orleans, Louisiana February 28   (photo)Image result for mardi gras louisiana
  3. Sky Lantern Festival/Pingxi, Taiwan-Republic of China February 10  (photo)Image result for sky lantern festival
  4. Rio Carnival/Rio De Janeiro-Brazil February 24-28   (photo)Image result for rio carnival
  5. Oktoberfest/Germany  September  (photo)Image result for oktoberfest
  6. Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival/California  April   (photo)Image result for coachella
  7. Burning Man/Nevada September  (photo)Image result for burning man festival
  8. Berlin Film Festival/Germany February  (photo)Image result for berlin film festival
  9. Sant Jordi Festival/Barcelona, Spain   April 23   (photo)Image result for sant jordi festival
  10. 24 Hours of Le Mans/France   (photo)Image result for 24 hours of le mans
  11. Bordeaux Wine Festival/France  June  (photo)Image result for bordeaux wine festival
  12. New York Fashion Week/New York  February & September   (photo)Image result for ny fashion week
  13. Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival/South Korea  April   (photo)Image result for yeouido cherry blossom festival
  14. Running of the Bulls/Spain  (photo)Image result for running of the bulls
  15. Cosplay Festival/Japan  First Weekend in August  (photo)Image result for cosplay festival japan
  16. Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race/Alaska   (photo)Image result for iditarod race
  17. Snow & Ice Festival/Harbin, China  January 5th-February 5th  (photo)Image result for snow and ice festival china
  18. Carnevale/Venice, Italy   (photo)Image result for carnevale italian festival
  19. Up Helly AA Fire Festival/Lerwick, Scotland Last Tuesday in January  (photo)Image result for up helly aa fire festival scotland
  20. Albuquerque International Balloon Festival/Albuquerque, New Mexico October  (photoImage result for albuquerque balloon festival 2017
  21. Glastonbury Festival/Glastonbury, England  June  (photo)Image result for glastonbury festival england


I hope this list has inspired you to look into one of these festivals. If you know of any other festivals that you want to share or have been to any of the festivals above, please leave a comment below. Thanks!

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