15 Booty Exercises That Will Make Your Cheeks Pop

Having a fabulous butt is something that we all strive for. There is something so confidence boosting about having a good looking rear-end. There are many ways in which you can boost your bum, some are naturally born with one(lucky you), some of us buy one and some of us build ours.

The way you achieve your butt isn’t as important as maintaining your butt. Just like any other major body part, not working it out is a sure way to not look your best. Make sure that if you are on a workout plan that you have consulted a medical professional to make sure that you are safe in proceeding with your workouts.

When doing the workouts shown below, make sure to watch your posture. Practicing or even working out in front of a mirror a few times can ensure that you aren’t doing anything to hurt yourself. If at any point in the workout you feel pain, stop immediately. While these workouts are designed to improve your behind, keep in mind that your natural body shape will also play a role in the size and shape of your butt.

Change into some leggings and give these booty exercises a go:

  1. Donkey Kicks (photo)Image result for donkey kicks
  2. Adductor Squats (photo)Image result for adductor squats
  3. Glute Bridges (photo)Image result for glute bridges
  4. Curtsy Lunge (photo)Image result for curtsy lunge
  5. Side Lying Leg Kicks (photo)Image result for side lying leg kicks
  6. Sumo Squats (photo)Image result for sumo squats
  7. Heel Sky Raise (photo)Image result for heel sky raise
  8. Ballet Kicks (photo)Image result for ballet kick workout
  9. Lower Half Lunge (photo)Image result for lower half lunge
  10. Bottle (photo)Image result for bottle exercise
  11. Romanian Deadlifts (photo)Image result for butt workout
  12. Standing Donkey Kicks (photo)Image result for standing donkey kicks
  13. Booty Cross-Over (photoImage result for booty crossover exercise
  14. Leg Extension W/ Hip Thrust (photo)Image result for leg extension with hip thrust
  15. Sprinter Step-Ups (photo)Image result for sprinter step ups


I hope that you find this list helpful. Keep in mind some of these workouts may go by other names and will also workout other parts of your body such as your legs or thighs. If you have any other workouts you would like to share please leave a comment below. Thanks!

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