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12 Ways To Save Money On Your Next Sephora Trip

Do you like makeup but don’t want to bust your budget every time you go shopping?

Well you are in luck because neither do the rest of us and when trying to find ways to save money, we have been able to find a lot of ways to do so. Makeup isn’t cheap, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be able to buy it. We just need to find ways to save money when we do buy it. If you buy makeup frequently at Sephora, you know like I know that you will probably be spending a small hefty sum.

Why not try to get more bang for your buck with this tips to help you save at Sephora:

  1. Shop during semi-annual sales. Sephora runs two huge sales and this is the best time to catch the greatest deals and save some coin. Image result for sephora annual sales
  2. Use the Sephora Flash Subscription to save $$ on shipping. If you like to do a lot of your shopping online then by signing up for the flash subscription you save tons of money on shipping.
  3. Go back and get the price adjustment within 2 weeks. Did you just buy a new foundation just to find out it was on sale a week later? Take your receipt and go back for a price adjustment.
  4. Buy value sets. No, seriously buying value sets not only lets you score more products but they are typically ALOT cheaper than buying each product individually. Image result for sephora value sets 2017
  5. Become a VIB or Rouge Member.(more info here) If you spend a lot of money at Sephora, then look into becoming a VIB or Rouge member. These programs comes with a helping of perks that let you get great products at discounted prices.
  6. Join one of Sephora’s reward programs. So maybe you dont go to Sephora every other day, dont worry there are reward programs for every level of shopper so just find one that fits you.
  7. Check “Beauty Deals” for free samples and in store. Sephora will literally give you free samples of beauty products to try on your own. Take advantage of all of them. Its all the reward of trying new products without the risk of spending the money(unless you love it of course.)
  8. Buy discounted Sephora gift cards. While this isnt a deal that you can get on the Sephora website, there are sites that will sell you discounted giftcards. Bundle that with any of this other tips to save as much as you can.
  9. Follow Sephora on social media. If you can the early scoop on deals or exclusive offers, follow Sephora on social media.
  10. Get cash back on purchases. With apps like Ibotta and Ebates, you can easily cash in some money on products that you were going to buy anyways. Side note: Those apps also give you cash back on other everyday purchases as well so check into them!
  11. Track and actually use your points. What good is having a rewards program if you never actually use your rewards. Whenever you buy something at Sephora, check your reward balance and see if you have accrued enough points to score something.
  12. Always check whats on sale first. Different from the stores annual sales, there are always products that are either discontinued or on random sales. Check with those products first to see if what you are looking for is already discounted.


If you have any additional tips on saving money at Sephora, please a comment below. Thanks!

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