20 Romantic US Cities to Take Bae

Trying to find new places to go can sometimes be hard. If you are looking for others and not just for yourself, it can be even harder.

But you don’t always have to travel across the globe to find beautiful places, and some of the prettiest treasure may only be a few miles away. This list was created for you if you want to try and find some new, fun places to take your partner. The cities on this list have lots of attractions, and you can find plenty of things to do with your partner there.

Don’t believe me? Well you just have to go visit and see….

  1. Honolulu, Hawaii (photo)Image result for honolulu hawaii
  2. Miami, Florida (photo)Image result for miami florida
  3. Seattle, Washington (photo)Image result for seattle washington
  4. Providence, Rhode Island (photo)Image result for providence rhode island
  5. New York City, New York (photo)Image result for new york city new york
  6. Kansas City, Missouri  (photo)Image result for kansas city missouri
  7. Chicago, Illinois  (photo)Image result for chicago illinois
  8. Charleston, South Carolina (photo)Image result for charleston south carolina
  9. Atlanta, Georgia (photo)Image result for atlanta georgia
  10. Cincinnati, Ohio (photo)Image result for cincinnati ohio
  11. Houston, Texas  (photo)Image result for houston texas
  12. Dallas, Texas (photo)Image result for dallas texas
  13. Portland, Oregon  (photo)Image result for portland oregon
  14. Lahaina, Hawaii (photo)Image result for lahaina hawaii
  15. Charlotte, North Carolina (photo)Image result for charlotte north carolina
  16. Austin, Texas (photo)Image result for austin, texas
  17. Richmond, Virginia (photo)Image result for richmond virginia
  18. Nashville, Tennessee (photo)Image result for nashville tennessee
  19. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (photo)Image result for oklahoma city oklahoma
  20. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (photo)Image result for philadelphia pennsylvania


All of the cities have various attractions and depending on what you like, there is something for you. If you know of any additional cities or places, please share in a comment down below. Thanks!

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