10 Apps That Make Saving Money a Breeze

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No matter how hard we may try, saving money may not always be easy. Looking into the future when we have needs and wants now, can hinder our money saving journey.

You don’t have to wait until you are “ready” to start saving money. You also don’t need to set aside the same amount of money every time. Things happen and change and your money will change with you.

The most important thing is to be dedicated to saving more money. If you can save an extra $1 a day, you would have $365 at the end of the year. Take baby steps in your money saving journey and do what works best for you.

Using an app to help you in your saving journey helps you “set it and forget it.” Most of the apps listed below, are easy to use, free to download and don’t come with the strings you might get from a traditional bank savings account.

With any kind of account, make sure to always read the fine print. While these savings apps are designed to help you save more, they may require you tie a bank account or card for transfers. If you want to withdraw money, double check to see if there is a holding period or a fee for withdraw.

Here are 10 apps to check out that make saving money easier:

  1. Billshark-This app assesses your current bills to see where small changes can be made to lower the overall cost. Billshark will even call your cable or phone company and negotiate your bills for you.
  2. Digit-This app tracks your expenses and spending habits for you and also allows you to automatically set up a savings account.
  3. Qapital-Using your own personal financial goals, Qapital plans out your savings journey for you. This app also allows you to choose how you save money so you can customize your savings plan.
  4. Acorns-If you are new to investing, or dont have a lot to invest but want to start, the Acorns app can help. You can customize your investment goals, and the Acorns team matches you up with the best investment package to meet your needs.
  5. Stash: Invest, Learn & Save– Stash gives beginner investors the tools needed to start investing for themselves. Stash prides themselves on having low cost entry so you can start with little money.
  6. Money Box. Savings Goals-Take your spare change and get your foot in the door to investing. Money Box allows and encourages you to invest in your favorite brands and companies using left over change.
  7. Clarity Money-Clarity not only tracks spending and expenses, but it also teaches you how to get better deals and savings on everyday purchases. This app will also track and help you repair your credit as well.
  8. Mint-Voted one of the Top Apps by Time Magazine, Mint manages your money and tracks your budget and bills. Their bill pay feature will also ensure that you don’t your bills late to avoid fees and overages.
  9. Penny-This app is a tool to micro manage your spending, income, and expenses. With real-time charts and graphs, Penny will track your every money move.
  10. Truebill-This app tracks subscriptions and free trials to remind you when to cancel. The app alerts you when bills are coming up to avoid overdrafts as well.

If you found this list helpful, or have any other apps you would like to share, please leave a comment below. Thanks!

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