7 Ways to Save Money at Ulta

We all love looking pretty. Buying skin care products and makeup help us look the right we want. But spending money on these products can get really pricey and downright expensive.

You don’t have to break the bank to look good. There a lot of options out there for you if you are on a budget. If you can’t afford the latest makeup trend or pallet, then don’t fret. Makeup dupes are out there and companies are constantly trying to compete with each other so we always see the savings.

Among other stores, Ulta sells us a lot of makeup and beauty products. If you have an Ulta near you, then you most likely visit them to get your makeup needs.

You don’t have to go broke though. Here are 7 things you can do to save money on your next trip to Ulta:

  1. Use manufactures coupons. Ulta accepts the same coupons as grocery stores which can add up to large savings at the register. Whether in your Sunday or weekly new paper, see if there are any coupons that you can use.
  2. Check and use the emailed coupons Ulta sends you. If you sign up for the email list, then Ulta sends you coupons electronically. Don’t send their mail to junk right away and double check to see if you can use the coupons they sent you.
  3. Become a member to sign up for rewards program. Like many stores, Ulta has a rewards program that allots you points that you can use towards purchases. With Ulta there are two levels to these rewards; your Basic and Platinum. Both memberships include emailed coupons and a special birthday gift, but if you spend $450 in products every year you qualify for Platinum which gives more perks.
  4. Always double check the clearance. Although this isn’t a savings tool, double checking the clearance as soon as you walk in can help keep you from paying full price. See if what you are looking for has already been set aside and marked off. The clearance sections are easy to find and it only takes a few moments to scan and see what they have.
  5. Follow them on social media. There are some select deals and discounts that Ulta announces on their social media platforms. As connected as we are to social media, if you aren’t a frequent email checker, then by following them you can still keep up to date on the latest sales.
  6. Look online first to check for sales that might not be in stores. Stores can run out of things fast if there is a good deal going on, so always check online. If you spend at least $50(which is easy to do) then you get free shipping. This way you can get exactly what you want at a discounted price delivered right to your door.
  7. Use apps like Ibotta to get rebates. If for some reason you can’t get a discount or catch the product you need on sale, then their may be a chance you can get a rebate. Apps like Ibotta give you money back for things that you already purchase anyway. This app can also be used on other everyday purchases as well so it doesn’t hurt to take a look.

If you have any other tips to save money at Ulta please leave a comment below. Thanks!

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