28 Mason Jar DIYS You Need to Do Already

Mason jars are cute, reusable, and inexpensive. Why haven’t you been using them already? There a million and one different things that you can do with a mason jar and this list is some things you can do now:

  1. Preserving Foods. Literally what the Mason jar was made for. (DIY here)20120228-194981-finished-jars.jpg
  2. Candy Jars. Not only does it keep your candy fresh once you open it, but it also can make any room look a little more decorative. (DIY here)DIY Mason Jar Candy Pedestals | DIY Mason Jars | DIY Candy Pedestals | Mason Jar Candy Jars | DIY Crafts | Home Decorating | Upcycling
  3. Candles. Who doesn’t love candles? By using mason jars you can personalize your own scents and save money by reusing the jars. (DIY here)Pour your own Mason Jar Candles - DIY from
  4. Terrariums. Small little environments that you can put on your desk, in your bathroom or outside. (DIY here)How to DIY a mason jar terrarium
  5. Bathroom Organizer. Get your inner control freak on by compartmentalizing all of your bathroom essentials. (DIY here)Mason-jar-flowers
  6. Spice Holder. With kitchens being the busiest room in the house, having spices uniform and easy to find, cut down on kitchen madness. (DIY here)Mason-jar-spice-organizer-Darice
  7. Vase. You can decorate your mason jars any way you to match furniture and still keep your chrysanthemums alive. (DIY here)DIY Mason Jar Vases - Painted Mason Jar With Daisies - Best Vase Projects and Ideas for Mason Jars - Painted, Wedding, Hanging Flowers, Centerpiece, Rustic Burlap, Ribbon and Twine
  8. Desk Caddy. Allow yourself more time to be productive by organizing your desk with this cute mason jar DIY. (DIY here)Desk Storage and Organization Ideas with Paper Wrapped Mason Jars
  9. Kitchen Herb Garden. Not only do mason jars not take up much space, but since herbs don’t need much space to grow, you can easily have a variety of fresh herbs right in your kitchen. (DIY here)Mason Jar Herb Garden
  10. Tumblers. Admit it, you have seen someone drinking out a cute mason jar tumbler and thought….where did she get that? Now you can make your own. (DIY here)DIY mason jar cups with straw
  11. Mason Jar Succulent Garden. Succulents are insanely easy to care for, and so is starting a garden full of them! (DIY here)DIY mason jar succulent pots with free printable gift tags. Perfect for Mothers Day or Teacher Appreciation!
  12. Facial/Body Scrub Storage. Make your own perfect body and face scrub for yourself or as a gift and store it in mason jars so it lasts. (DIY here)Mason Jar Citrus Sugar Cubes DIY
  13. Makeup Brush Holder. Keep your makeup brushes from touching dirty surfaces in draws and keep them clean, dry and upright in a cute mason jar holder. (DIY here)Makeup Organizer Hanging Jars
  14. Toothbrush Holder. Make your bathroom cute and rustic with mason jar toothbrush holders. (DIY here)mason-jar-crafts-painted-distressed-bathroom-organizer-soap-dispenser-toothbrush-holder (11 of 11)
  15. Tissue Holder. With allergies and colds springing up year round, having tissue nearby is never a bad thing. (DIY here)This super cute DIY Mason jar tissue holder can be customized to go with any decor in your house. No more trying to find a tissue box that matches!
  16. Hot Chocolate Gift Jars. You can also do the same thing with tea or any others drinks you like to gift. (DIY here)Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix in a Mason Jar - a perfect holiday gift idea!
  17. Eat Things in Them. You can easily cook eat whole meals or even desserts in mason jars. (DIY here)
  18. Bookends. Who doesn’t like a cute decorative book-end? Spruce up your boring bookshelf with some of these cute mason jar decorations. (DIY here)DIY Bookends - Mason Jars
  19. Kids Art Station. Who said arts and crafts had to always be messy? Try keeping your kids art supplies in mason jars for a more organized and functional art station. (DIY here)Kid's Maker Space - DIY Mason Jar Art Supply Organizer - Our Handcrafted Life
  20. Beehives. If you have ever wanted to have a beehive but didn’t know where you were going to keep it your in luck, check out this DIY. (DIY here)Let the bees fill the jars with honey | DIY Mason Jar Beekeeping
  21. Brew Tea. Sunshine and time is a tea’s best friend so the next time you brew tea, try to make it in a mason jar. (DIY here)How to Make Refrigerator Iced Tea. No boiling--easy and healthy! Smooth taste without bitterness.
  22. Party Favor Holders. Make gift giving easy and a breeze by using mason jars as party favor holders. (DIY herecandy-in-mason-jars
  23. Kitchen Pantry Containers. Keep you food stored in mason jar for longevity and easy organization. (DIY here)DSC_0873
  24. Butterfly/Bug Home. Remember as a kid when you used to catch bugs? Well, you can start it up again and let your kids get in on the fun with mason jars. (DIY here)
  25. Gift Holders. Instead of party favors, you can also just simply give gifts in mason jars and since they are reusable they are a gift that keeps giving. (DIY here)
  26. Lanterns. You can use lanterns to read a book at night by your bed or decorate your porch for friends and family visits. (DIY here)Create Glass Lanterns for the Backyard
  27. Snow Globes. Summer Globes, New York Globes or even Chocolate Globes. If you can dream it you can make it in a mason jar with this DIY. (DIY here)CI_Buff_Strickland_Glitter-Animal-Snow-Globe-Zebra-Giraffe_s3x4
  28. Piggy Bank. Have a trip coming up or saving for a new couch? Use mason jars to help you stay on track. (DIY here)Making a Piggy Bank-out of a Mason Jar

If you have any other mason jar DIY’s you would like to share, please leave a comment below. Thanks! 


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