6 Things You Need to Admit So You Can Have Inner Peace Now

Having inner peace is something that you should work to improve on everyday. Being able to live and love yourself strengthens the relationships you have with the world and people around you.

In order to have inner peace, we sometimes have to shed some of the things that we are holding onto. Changing your frame of mind and the thoughts you fill your head with is a key step to having inner peace.

If having inner peace was easy, we would all walk around with smiles on our faces and flowers in our head. The truth about inner peace is that it isn’t easy. Emotions and events happen and its easy to be upset and mad. Communication isn’t always fluid and easy to do and trying to express ourselves has become increasingly difficult in a world where everyone puts on a song and dance for social media.

While obtaining and finding inner peace is difficult, it is worth the journey. Ask yourself how much easier your life would be if you had inner peace? How many arguments wouldn’t happen or how much happier you would be? How about how every little thing not stressing you out or getting the best of you?

If you are on the quest for inner peace, then here are some things you need to admit to yourself first:

  1. Your problems aren’t as big as you make them out to be. Most people like attention. Whether you want attention for having loads of problems or attention for being someone who in spite of their problems(and we ALL have problems) is still composed, happy and most importantly peaceful. Not all molehills have to become mountains and the less energy you give to your problems the more insignificant and silly they become.
  2. You aren’t your #1 priority. You still haven’t gotten that pedicure that you told yourself you were going to get 5 months ago. The grey hairs that you meant to wash out 2 weeks ago are starting to show. If you want inner peace, YOU have to be on your priority list. You have to make sure that all none of your check engine lights are blinking and make sure you are running on all cylinders.
  3. You create some of the negativity in your life. Peaceful people aren’t people without problems or worries or concerns, they are just simply people who choose to not let the deficiencies in their life control how they feel. Do you ever find yourself complaining about everything? When you know you tend to find fault in everything, tell yourself to stop. Your not going to gain inner peace until you lose your negative thoughts.
  4. You aren’t being honest with those around you. Keeping yourself in stressful environments and situations reduces not only peace but also happiness as well. Sometimes a change of scenery or environment can really alter how we see everything else. Moving the furniture around in your house or asking your supervisor for a window desk will help you see things differently. Being honest with others around you starts with being honest with yourself about the things that bother you the most. If you have a conflict with someone, either decide to forgive them and let it go or confront the conflict and work it out.
  5. You don’t like what you are doing with your life. Inner peace stems from creating what’s best for ourselves.If you aren’t happy where you are in life, you need to be able to admit that you to yourself. Making drastic changes in your life can be scary and daunting but think about the alternative.
  6. You aren’t in tune with yourself and your emotions. Think about the person who you were before life molded you into who you are. What did that person like to do, or listen to or read? What did the world look like to you then? Peace comes from knowing yourself inside and out and not letting outside influences change how you feel inside.

Admitting things to yourself can be hard and sometimes even hurtful. It can hurt to tell yourself that you let yourself down and to tell yourself that you aren’t happy. But change has to start somewhere. Let this moment be the place you change for the better. Don’t waste anymore time coming up with reasons why you can’t be the best you. Make peace with your past and let the future be the best years of your life.

If you stumble don’t worry, just dust yourself off and keep trying. If you have any other advice or want to share your journey please feel free to comment below. Thanks!

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