7 Meditation Apps to Guide You to A Peaceful Life


“You get peace of mind not by thinking about it or imagining it, but by quieting and relaxing the restless mind. Your nature is absolute peace. You are not the mind. Silence your mind through concentration and meditation, and you will discover the peace of the spirit that you are, and have always been.”-Remez Sasson

A peaceful and calm mind is often the goal when meditating. Out brain controls every thought and action we take so having a calm brain is important to overall peace.

Sometimes you don’t know how or where to start meditating. Try some of these apps to guide you on your meditating journey:

  1. Headspace. This app features hundreds of lessons that you can do to improve your meditation. Since its broken into small chunks, you can do short activities in small amounts of time.
  2. Calm: Meditation to Relax, Focus, and Sleep Better. This app has daily programs, sleep stories, breathing exercises and nature sounds and scenes to help your meditation practice. Calm also tracks your mediation journey with daily streaks and records time spent meditating.
  3. Meditation Studio-Guided Meditations and Courses. This app has over 250 guided mediations with different styles and teachers. Mediation studio allows the user to build a personalized library and features lessons from today’s leading meditation experts.
  4. Simple Habit-Guided Meditation and Mindfulness. Simple Habit focus on short intermittent spans of meditation to improve your day. This app features 5 minute meditation exercises that are intended to reduce stress, improve focus, and sleep better.
  5. Relax Meditation: Mindfulness, Sleep Sounds, Noise. Relax Meditation focuses on 10 minute daily meditation activities. This app also focuses on boosting your overall health, improving your focus and awareness, and knowing yourself at a deeper level.
  6. Stop, Breathe and Think. Stop, Breathe and Think allows you o check in with your emotions throughout the day. The app encourages self awareness while giving tools to help the user overcome their daily problems.
  7. Omvana-Meditation for Everyone. Omvana has a large variety of meditations on all areas of life for improvement. Omvana also connects with Healthkit and sends reminders to help you remain calm.

All of these apps were designed to help us calm our minds through meditation. Using any of these apps will help you on your meditating journey.

If you have any other apps you would like to mention or recommend please leave a comment down below. Thanks! 

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