6 Reasons Why People Who Play Video Games Are Happier

Most people who play video games get a bad rep. Recent studies show that people who play video games are happier than their non-playing counterparts.

If you play games, then you are already familiar with the benefits you get from playing. If you aren’t a gamer then here are 6 ways gaming can make you happier:

  1. Gaming improves your mood. Video games are constantly problem facing platforms; and with every defeated enemy or level up comes a sense of accomplishment. Most people who play video games do so for enjoyment and they play often. This results in continuous mini achievements and happy moments throughout the day.
  2. Meet new people. With most games having an opinion to play with others online, you will likely meet lots of people when you play games. Playing to reach a similar game with people you don’t know requires communication and teamwork. In addition to that, you can also make friends across the globe and continue to play with them game after game. In addition to meeting people while playing, meeting people outside of playing can became easier as well. Like sports or music, video games is an easy conversation starter and something to easily talk about.
  3. They think more creatively. Solving complex situations requires some brain power. When you play video games you constantly use your creative brain to help you beat games. This thinking translates over to other areas of your life such as your own complex life situations, work and relationships.
  4. More connected to your inner child. If you play video games, you most likely started as a child. As an adult, playing video games allows you to constantly relive your childhood. Since most adults associate childhood as the happiest times of their lives, video games are an easy way to go back to your roots.
  5. Better at decision making. Gamers are constantly making choices and decisions to get through levels and bosses. Don’t know what you want to eat? Ask a gamer.
  6. Less stress. While video games don’t take away all stressors in life, it certainly helps the coping process. Games serve as a distraction from the stresses in your life, allowing your mind and body a break. Playing games gives you time to work out problems in a low-stress environment. Stress if allowed can be consuming but games act as a healthy alternative to wallowing in your problems.

30 minutes of gaming on a regular basis can greatly improve your mood. With games varying in style, content and difficulty there is something out there for everyone. With all the potential benefits of gaming, why haven’t you started playing yet?

If you want to share how gaming has changed your life, please a comment. Thanks! 

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