Bug Out Bag Checklist for Emergencies

Whether it’s a hurricane, earthquake or attack, being ready is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your survival. Time is of the essence and while you are trying to stay calm and do whats necessary to make sure you and your family are safe, its easy to forget the things that you need most.

This checklist includes items that you should keep in and around your house in case of an emergency. Preferably these things should be kept in a bag that is easily accessible and within reach. If you know of an upcoming storm or possible natural disaster then getting a bag together ahead of time will make sure you are prepared.

Emergencies happen to everyone. Chances are you will deal with an emergency in your life time. Having a bug out bag and a plan is crucial to being ready for any kind of emergency.

These are some of the most important items that you will need in an emergency bug out bag;

  • flashlight 
  • first aid kit
  • lighter/matches(try to have both)
  • radio
  • blanket
  • rope
  • water(@ least enough for 48 hours)
  • utility knife 
  • whistle
  • bug spray 
  • cell phone(if you don’t have one)
  • protein bars/MREs 

This is a basic necessities list, although you can always add more, at a minimum have most of the items on the list. There are uses for everything on that list and you never know what you may need in the middle of an emergency.

Its always better to be safe than sorry. In addition to the items on the list, also having a plan in mind of where you would go will be helpful when time is on the line. Try to keep your gas tank full prior to notice of upcoming severe weather or storms. Stay on top of whats going on around you by listening to the radio or watching the news.

If there are any on other items that you feel belong on this list that were missed, please leave a comment below. Remember to take severe weather seriously and be safe. Thanks! 

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