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Disneyland Cost Saving Tips & FAQs To Know Before You Go

The majestic Sleeping Beauty Castle, the centerpiece of Disneyland Park


50,000. The average amount of people who go to Disneyland daily.

2,400. The number of rooms at all of the Disneyland hotels combined.

$75+. The average cost of an entry level ticket to the park.

The Disneyland Resort is home to all of our childhood heroes, villains, princesses, toys and animal sidekicks. The park attracts visitors both big and small year round and once you go, your only counting the days until you can go again.

With over 8 themed lands and over 60 rides and attractions, time management and planning is needed if you want to enjoy all their is to see and do. When you and your family go time is of the essence if you truly want to make the most of the park and what it has to offer.

Next time you and your family go to Disneyland use these tips you save you both time and money:

  1. Go in September or January when lines are the shortest and the weather is actually milder and more enjoyable.
  2. Thursdays are the best days of the week to go to avoid long lines. Image result for disneyland
  3. Kids under 3 go in free.
  4. Plan your trip as a vacation package so that your hotel, flight, and park tickets are all bundled together. 
  5. Buy the FastPass so you spend less time waiting in line.
  6. Plan an itinerary for your trip. If you want to visit Tomorrowland also go visit Main Street the same day since they are right next to each other.
  7. Don’t buy bottled water. Save the money and ask for a cup of water instead from a nearby stand or restaurant.
  8. Buy your tickets 30 days out from your trip in the morning for the best prices.
  9. Download the My Disney Experience App so you don’t have to physically carry Fast Passes or tickets.
  10. Book a hotel that is in walking distance to the park. This will save time and money waiting and paying for a ride there.
  11. Get to the park when it opens. It may be harder to get up but with everyone else sleeping in, there will be less people in the park and shorter lines.
  12. Download the Disneyland App so that you can keep track of line times and attraction start times so you can plan which rides you want to get on.Image result for disneyland
  13. Check out This site will help you plan the most time efficient trip. Just plug in the rides and attractions you want to enjoy and let it work its magic!
  14. Buy tickets online so you don’t have to stand in the tickets line before entering the park.
  15. Buy souvenirs at the end of your day. The shops stay open an hour after the park closes and you won’t have to lug around the souvenirs as you go around the park.
  16. Pack some snacks and water to take with you. This will save you from buying a lot of food while your there.
  17. If your in a line for a ride when the park closes, you will still get to ride the ride.



Q: What time does the park open?? 

A: The park opens at 9:00 AM and closes at 11:00 PM. If you are already on a ride when the park closes you will be allowed to still ride that ride before you leave.

Q: Can I bring outside food into the park?

A: Yes you can!! Limitations on what you can bring into the park include alcohol and coolers that are larger than 25″x15″x18″. There are designated picnic areas in which you can sit down and eat throughout the park.

Q: How can I find specific characters in the park?

A: Using the Disneyland Mobile App you are able to find all the attractions and locations in the park from where you are.

Q: Are there lockers where I can keep my things?

A: Yes there are and they have daily rental fees.

Q: Can I visit both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure in the same day?

A: Yes you can through the Park Hopper Pass.

Q: What is the FASTPASS and how does the FASTPASS work?

A: The FASTPASS is an additional feature that you can purchase that allows you to stand in a shorter line to a ride or attraction instead of the standard line. If you have the Disneyland Mobile App then you can download the FASTPASSes onto it and scan them or there are physical copies which you can carry. Not all rides and attractions accept them so double check before hand.

Q: Are there any rules about strollers?

A: When it comes to strollers, the park doesn’t allow strollers that are larger than 36″x52″ nor do they allow wagons. The park does have strollers available for rent once you get inside.

Visit for more information and to purchase tickets.

I hope some of these tips help you on your trip to Disneyland and if there are some that I left out then please share them in the comments below. Thanks!

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