Companies That Pay You to Read! Become a Book Reviewer

Do you like to read? Does getting paid sound good too? You can become a book reviewer and these companies will pay you to do it!

As a side hustle, book reviews are not only something that is enjoyable but if you already read, this is a great easy way for you to capitalize on something you already do.

Reading has been a hobby of mine since I learned how to read and I still read everyday. If you are anything like me then becoming a book reviewer for even a few hours a week can really benefit you. Here’s some benefits I realized:

  1. Free books. With 10 new books coming out every week that I want to read and each one costing $15-20 a piece, not only getting free books but also getting paid to read and talk about them is a win-win for me.
  2. I was going to read anyway. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could get paid for things that we were doing already? I was going to read the book anyway so why not get something extra out of it. Now if only there was a way to get paid to do laundry and dishes…I can settle with books for now.
  3. I actually have to finish the books I start. When you read for leisure, there isn’t a clock that is telling you when to finish and while that can be relieving it can also stretch a book that may take a week to read into a year. Most book reviews have a two week turnaround so you have to get a book done by a certain time so no dragging it out(which is a good thing.)
  4. You get recommended books. Ever feel like you can’t find anything to read? Book review companies will most of the time have books that they want reviews done for and you pick from their list. You never know, you may find a new favorite book or series that you didn’t even know existed.

Before doing some research I was very clueless about book reviewers. How much could I make? What went into it? Did I qualify and how do you even apply? I came up with a list of questions that I asked when I first learned about becoming a book reviewer that I thought would help if you are new as well. This short FAQ can answer some basic questions if you aren’t sure if book reviewing is for you or not. If are already a book reviewer or just want access to the links then feel free to skip to the links listed under the FAQ.

How long do the book reviews need to be???

Most book reviews require a minimum of 350 words and you can generally expect a two-week turnaround to get the review done. This gives you plenty of time to not only read and enjoy the book but also allows you to write a good thorough review.

How do I apply to become a book reviewer?

Book review companies typically want to see some book reviews or similar work that you have already done. Before applying make sure that you have a portfolio of your best work together or if you don’t have that then find some other experience that you currently have that will show the company that you are capable of writing book reviews.

Will I make a lot of money doing reviews??

While there are some companies that will pay you on a full-time basis to be a book reviewer most are freelance positions. You get compensated for how much work you choose to do. The sky is always the limit and you can apply to as many companies as you would like.

I’ve never reviewed books before. Can I still apply?

Of course!! Nobody was born a book reviewer and we all have to start somewhere. There are some positions that will require a college education but there are still loads of opportunity if you are just getting your feet wet.

I already have a full-time job. How much time will this add to my week?

Depending on how many books you decide to take on, this should realistically add 5-10 hours a week to your current schedule. If its a bigger book or you read at the speed of light then of course the time can stretch or be shortened.

But I have a degree in Science. Can I still do this?

There are sites and companies that want content written for specific subjects. So if you have a degree that isn’t in English then don’t worry, there are book review positions out there for you.

NOTE: Some of the sites listed below will give you free books in exchange for your reviews while others may require that you already have a blog or website to do your reviews on.

  1. Kirkus
  2. Publishers Weekly
  3. Online Book Club
  4. Any Subject Books
  5. Booklook Bloggers
  6. Contena
  7. Astronomy
  8. Good Old Boat 
  9. The US Review of Books
  10. The Writer
  11. Women’s Review of Books
  12. Blogging for Books
  13. Book Browse
  14. Chicago Book Review
  15. Civitas Press
  16. Springer
  17. Story Cartel
  18. Tyndale Blog Network

While this list will be updated, some of the positions may be filled or links may be broken. If you know of any other book companies that I didn’t mention here please leave a link in the comments section. Also check out some of my other posts on additional ways to make more money. Thanks!

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