How To Make The Most Money Doing Online Surveys

Since I have transitioned to working from home a few months ago, taking online has been a way I have made extra money for groceries, toiletries and the occasional trip to Starbucks:)


Doing online surveys has added a few extra hundred dollars to my budget and most of the time, it was really easy and enjoyable.


Currently, I do surveys on 4 sites(all sites listed below) so that I never run out of surveys to do. This lets me make more money and gives me options on which sites I’ll go to depending which sites are offering surveys at the times I complete them.


Surveys can be done literally anywhere from your phone, computer or laptop making them easily accessible. survey companies also have new surveys available all the time and can email you when new surveys are available so you never miss out on money.


As a side hustle, doing online surveys is a quick and east way to help bring in more money and I want to share with you what I do to make the most money doing surveys.

How To Make The Most Money Doing Online Surveys 


  1. Sign up for email lists. Email lists make taking surveys easy and convenient because you’re immediately notified when a new survey is available. before signing up for email lists, I would have to go to each site individually to see if any new surveys were available. by getting emails, I have the direct link for surveys I pre-qualify for.
  2. Fill out profile information fully. when you are signing up for survey sites, filling out your profile thoroughly saves you time in the long run. Most surveys are based off of information in your profile so taking a few extra minutes to fill it out all the way is key in getting you surveys you qualify for.
  3. Sign up for more than one site. The more surveys you take, the more money you make so sign up for more than one. Currently, I’m signed up for 4 online survey sites so I never run out of surveys to do. There are a ton of great survey sites out there and it only takes 5 minutes to sign up so why not?


My Recommended Survey Sites

(You can sign up here too!)

  • SurveyJunkie– This is one of my favorite survey sites. The website is easy to use, you can redeem cash and not just gift cards and they are really good about giving you surveys that you qualify for.
  • Swagbucks– I started off doing online surveys with Swagbucks and it is a tested and trusted site and one that I will continue to use.
  • E Rewards– I like this site because the surveys are worth a lot of points(which is used to “buy” gift cards) so it’s easy to save up a lot of points fast.
  • InboxDollars– What I like most about this site is how awesome their email list is. I get emails left and right for new surveys all the time. More surveys is more opportunities to make money.


Doing online surveys is not a new way of making money so if you are already a survey taker then I hope that some of the tips above help you earn more money. If you haven’t signed up for any surveys sites  then what are you waiting for??


If you have any recommended sites that aren’t listed above, please feel free to drop a link in the comments below. 


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