The Truth About Swagbucks

For those of you who might not be familiar with the site it is a website where you can sign up to take surveys and do a variety of tasks to make “Swagbucks” which translate to US dollars. Most surveys take between 5-20 minutes and you can be asked about various topics. In addition to surveys you can also do polls, watch videos and browse websites to earn more Swagbucks. Once you hit 300 Swagbucks(which is equivalent to $3.00 USD) then you can cash it in for gift cards or have it transferred to your PayPal account if you have it.

I have been using Swagbucks for years now and since I have been a member I have made hundreds of dollars and right now average about $150-$200 a month. I spend a few hours a day answering surveys and doing activities mostly when I’m watching tv so it doesn’t cut into anything that I wouldn’t otherwise do.

I definitely recommend becoming a member of Swagbucks and if you are considering then I have some pros and cons for you to think over.


  • Email Reminders. You do have the option to recieve email reminders whenever there is a new opportunity for you to make money whether it is surveys or an offer. It is really convenient so you don’t have to constantly check the website to see if there is anything new.
  • More than one way to make money. As I mentioned earlier in the post, you can make money on Swagbucks in many different ways including watching videos, taking polls or taking advantage of daily deals on things you would normally purchase anyway. With having so many different ways to make money you can be sure that you can find other ways to make money on their site.
  • Deals. Recently, Swagbucks had an offer that if you signed up started or restarted a Hulu subscription then you would earn 2500 Swagbucks($25.00 USD!) A Hulu subscription per month costs under $8 so you would immediately profit over $17.00 and have access to some really great shows and movies at an affordable cost. Swagbucks also offers a number of other deals similar to this one and its always for products or services that you would get anyway.
  • Quick and easy. Most surveys that I do only take 5-10 minutes and they are really easy and can be done without a lot of focus or energy since you typically are being asked about your opinion or lifestyle. For some of you who may only have a few minutes a day, a survey is something that only takes a few minutes to do but can easily translate into a paid night out or groceries for the week.


  • Survey amounts can vary. Because the surveys don’t come directly from Swagbucks there isn’t a guarantee that you will get to participate in a set number of surveys a day. Surveys also can vary and for the same amount of time you can earn from $0.35-$2.00 depending on the survey so sometimes you may have to do more surveys if you have a daily goal you want to meet.
  • Being disqualified. You wont qualify for every survey available. Swagbucks does make an effort to match you to surveys that you qualify for by the initial questionnaire but sometimes you will miss out on money because you wont qualify.


What could you do with an extra $150-200 a month? Could you pay off debt faster or save for a vacation? Bottom line is that anyone could use a little extra money and the easier it is to make the better. While Swagbucks isn’t the only way you can make extra money it is definitely a tool that you can use to help you get to financial freedom faster and have some fun while at it.


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