The Power of Patience

What situations or arguments could have you have avoided or handled better if you had more patience?

Benefits of Patience:

  • less arguments
  • less stress
  • more peace

How to be more patient:

  1. Count to ten and let it go. Whenever you are in a stressful situation or are under stress count to ten. Make sure you count slowly and you deep breathe with every number you count. Tell yourself that once you get to ten that you will let whatever is stressing you out go and you move on with your life afterwards. Having patience doesn’t come immediately and getting over things effectively and efficiently is another step to getting you closer to inner peace.
  2. Escape the situation. Allow yourself to escape the situation by removing yourself from it. If you are having trouble with being patient in certain situations remove yourself from those types of situations that bring you unhappiness and discomfort. Patience can come from recognizing the things that cause you to be upset and unhappy and either finding ways to peacefully deal with them or avoiding them altogether.
  3. Think of the outcome. If you decide to lose your cool right and act on impulse and emotion then who is affected? Will you hurt someones feelings? Will you say something or do something that is irreversible?? In any situation you always have options of how you react to things and you can choose to have patience with where you are currently at or you can realize that your ill actions can cause harm that can’t be undone.
  4. Check yourself. Why are you even upset? When working on being more patient and having the power to be patient one thing you must evaluate is what makes sets you off. Is it a coworker or a friend? When you feel yourself getting impatient ask yourself who is benefitting from you being impatient in this moment. Are you just being impatient or non understanding of the people and things around you? Have you ever looked back at something or seen someone get upset over something that turned out to be really silly?? Prevent yourself from feeling that way by checking your own feelings from time to time.
  5. Remind yourself to be happy. The goal is to have more patience so remind yourself of that. Remind yourself to have patience when your happy or mad so you wont forget it and it becomes something engrained into your every action and thought. Realize there is a time for everything and that you are completely in control of any and everything you feel and put out into the world.

If we all stopped for a moment and realized that we have more control over our emotions, thoughts and actions then we wouldn’t feel so victimized by the people and world around us. We can all take responsibility for how we feel and how we make others feel as well and be that much closer to living a peaceful, positive life.

If you have any more tips on ways to be more patient or the benefits of patience in your life then leave a comment below. Thanks!

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